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Diamondbrite Marine Range Information

Purchasing a boat is a very expensive investment. Keeping it in top condition not only makes ownership more enjoyable, it also safeguards that investment for many years to come. The Diamondbrite Marine range has been wholly developed to protect all types of vessel from the very toughest conditions – as well as making cleaning and maintenance responsibilities much less time-consuming.

Easy to apply, exterior damage caused by salt water, UV rays, pollution, swirl marks, acid rain and bird liming is kept at bay. The Marine range also offers interior valeting and protection for leather, fabric and carpeting, and a coating and cleaner for all glass surfaces.

Our range of sealants, high shine gloss finishes, specialist polishes and cleaning compounds offer first-class protection for all types of marine craft, inside and out. From dinghies to jet skis, motor boats, yachts and cruisers, the Diamondbrite Marine system offers year-round protection to exposed areas – making sure they remain in pristine condition, without the need for intensive washing and waxing.

Ideal for boat manufacturers and private owners, when applied correctly the Diamondbrite Marine range protects external surfaces from common causes of damage. These include sunlight, acid rain, salt, swirl marks and bird lime among many others.

Internally, our tried and tested range of valeting products form a protective barrier on vinyl and leather seating, carpets, windscreens and fabric coverings. They can be used to shield against everything from unsightly carpet stains to black marks on cabin walls - even dirt and pen found on leather.

Benefits of the Marine Range

As soon as your boat is exposed to the elements, it can suffer serious damage - especially with the unkind mixture of UV rays and salt water. This can cause a dulling effect and the steady degradation of exterior surfaces, eventually making them far more porous and prone to irreparable damage.

Dirt and dust particles that come to rest on your boat’s surface can be difficult to manage without regular washing and waxing. Furthermore, stains such as bird liming and annoying black marks are also very hard to clean off, if left untreated.

But owning a boat doesn’t have to mean endless hours of maintenance, especially if it leaves you with no time to actually enjoy sailing your vessel! Applying a protective barrier will dramatically cut cleaning time, safeguard your boat from harmful pollutants and give it a high quality pristine and long-lasting look and finish.

Our systems protect against bird liming, salt water, acid rain, UV rays and general pollutants in the atmosphere. Dirt and other damaging elements rest on top of the barrier, without penetrating any deeper or permanently staining the boat.

This makes cleaning easier and improves the performance of the vessel. Rain or a simple hosing down of the craft is all you need to remove dust particles resting on the surface.


Any marine vessel can be washed, treated, glossed and valeted using the Diamondbrite range. As well as improving the general appearance and performance of boats, it makes maintenance tasks a cinch – and far less time-consuming than ever before.

Marine Wash & Wax, 1 litre

Unlike other traditional wash and wax products, Marine Wash & Wax contains a higher concentration of wax to maintain your boat’s appearance to the very highest standards. Simply by washing your boat or yacht, exterior surfaces are offered protection at the same time.

With regular use, Marine Wash & Wax ensures continuous protection – particularly when used in conjunction with Diamondbrite Marine Polish.

Safe to use on all surfaces, Marine Wash & Wax cleans and leaves a protective film in one operation. It does not contain harmful detergents, which can cause long term damage to certain areas of a boat.

Marine Compound Paste, 1 litre

Restores dull and oxidized surfaces with minimal effort. Our Marine Compound Paste has been developed for use on gel coat and all marine craft including painted, non-painted and varnished surfaces. It removes scuff marks, stains and blemishes and is also safe to use on rubber, smooth plastic, chrome, wood and aluminum.

Once applied, and the desired finish obtained, the dried product residue can be removed with a dry clean cloth or with Diamondbrite Marine Long Lasting, High Gloss Boat Polish.

Marine High Gloss Long Lasting Boat Polish, 1 litre

Provides enduring protection against damaging and harmful marine elements, and leaves a highly glazed and durable film. Developed for use on gel coat and all marine craft including painted / non painted and varnished surfaces, application is quick and easy with removal by hand.

Marine High Gloss Long Lasting Boat Polish restores light fading and removes minor blemishes and scuff marks. For heavily oxidised surfaces and stains, you can restore finish with the Diamondbrite Marine Compound Paste.

For continual protection regularly wash using Diamondbrite Marine Rinse Gloss. This can be applied and removed in heat and direct sunlight conditions, and is safe to use on interior and exterior surfaces including chrome, rubber, smooth plastics, wood and aluminum.

Marine Rinse Gloss, 1 litre

A fast and effective non-foaming gloss, Diamondbrite Marine Rinse Gloss maintains your boat’s appearance via a water repellent film that remains in place – even when mixed with wash water. Suitable for use on all exterior areas, it removes light surface dirt and grime. After applying Marine Long Lasting, High Gloss Boat Polish, Marine Rinse Gloss can be used for regular washing.

Marine Fabric Protector, 500 ml

Diamondbrite Marine Fabric Protector can be used on all exterior and interior surfaces including carpets. Everyday spoils and stains can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth or sponge.

Marine Leather Feed, 500 ml

Maintains and restores the original appearance of leather, conserving its supple and flexible properties to prevent drying and cracking. The Marine Leather Feed is ideal for use on both new and used interior and exterior surfaces. Treating leather periodically maintains its durability, and protects against harsh marine conditions.

Marine Waterscreen, 250 ml

Marine Waterscreen leaves a non-stick coating, causing water and rain to form into droplets and clear from all glass surfaces. It is ideal for all glass surfaces including windscreens, Perspex and clear plastics both inside and out. One application should last up to 6 months.